My son was referred to Buddies in Motion after he was diagnosed with torticollis. He was a little over 7 months old, and he was at a very fidgety age! I was a nervous mom, but upon entering Buddies in Motion, I had a warm feeling about the space and staff. I found MaryLuz to exceptionally warn and caring with the children she was working with, and instantly became less hesitant about treatment. She was nurturing and gentle with my son and reassured me that we can improve his neck and that we had to work as a team in order to do so.

She taught both me and my husband exercises to work on with him at him, and within a month of daily stretches in the house and weekly visits to the facility, there was a huge difference! We were so happy with the services, experience, and outcome and highly recommend Buddies in Motion for any Physical Therapy needs.

Marianne B.

I recommend all of you to go to Buddies In Motion pediatric physical therapy since it’s the best place. They helped my kids feel more secure about themselves. As a parent, I also feel like I did something great for my kids and myself by taking them to be treated there.

Angel J.

When my Doctor first told me my son had torticollis, I was really worried after searching for a physical therapist, I came across Buddies In Motion.
I am extremely happy with my son’s progress, the Doctor and the staff are very warm and welcoming they made me feel more at ease. I would recommend the office to everyone.

Nathaniel Torrado

My family and I are so gratefull to Dr. Sánchez. Our baby was born a preemie and had very minor developmental issues relarted to low muscle tone. Dr. Sánchez worked with him and we are seeing such improvement in a very short time.
Her office staff is a the enviromment is surer friendly, and very warm to families.

Highly recommend !


I really like Buddies in Motion, the improvement I saw in my son within a few weeks was amazing.The staff there are really friendly and helpful, and the therapist. Miss Mary is absolutely wonderful.
I feel my son is in the best place possible for his therapy (walking on his toes)

Maher Siddik

I am very happy to bring my daughter to Buddies In Motion because since she started her therapies her feet have improved and now she has a bit more strength in her feet. I recommend it to people who have children who need therapy to come to Buddies In Motion, very recommended and they also have therapies for adults.

Cindy Hernández

My daughter has benefited from the therapies at first she did not like the sessions but now she’s eager to come. Before she used to fall frequently and hurt herself and it used to worry me a lot but after taking some sessions she bearly falls and walks w more confidence.
At home she now walks every where and has more energy, my daughter loves the staff and she is always traeted well and so am I.

Estrella Pérez

I wasn’t able to follow up with your Mary, but I want to say thank you soooooo much. After we stopped the therapy we continued with the exercises. Mélanie started walking at 9 1/2 months and you made the biggest impact in her life.

Testimonials from Satisfied Parents

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