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      We are 100% committed to getting your child back to optimal health and function pain-free. During the challenging times of the pandemic, we have taken every precaution to ensure that your child, family, and our team are safe and healthy while helping your child reach his/her treatment goals. We understand that committing to coming to therapy as scheduled can be challenging with your job, your other children, transportation issues, inclement weather, etc., but as a mother, I know that the health and function of our children is VERY important, and we are committed to doing what it takes for our kids. The key to success in physical therapy treatment as in any other situation is consistency. This is why we need to work together in order to reach your child’s health goals in the least amount of time. We have created an innovative protocol that can be achieved not only in person but also via Telehealth/ZOOM call, or a combination of the two, so that we can stay consistent with treatment. When life situations inhibit you from visiting our office, we will shift your treatment for that day to a telehealth/ zoom call. That way we won’t interrupt the treatment plan. In cases, like when you are feeling sick, your child feels “a bit” sick but can still participate in therapy, if someone in your household is positive for Covid, if no one can bring your child to therapy, if you go away on vacation, due to the weather or when you just don’t feel safe taking your child out. Our Telehealth/ZOOM is a perfect solution. We know that as a parent you are committed 100% to helping your child being pain-free, to walking better, to sitting better, to being able to move and to play like other kids of the same age. We continue to do our part by creating flexible protocols to stay on track and reach your goals without the need to cancel your appointment and disrupt our child’s progress. Together nothing can get in the way of helping your child move and play as they were intended to.


      Our primary goal is to assist our clients in reaching their potential…


      We utilize a variety of treatment approach to help our patients achieve their goals…


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      • Schroth – Barcelona C1 Certified Physical Therapist under the Schroth – Barcelona Institute

      • Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner

      My family and I are so gratefull to Dr. Sánchez. Our baby was born a preemie and had very minor developmental issues relarted to low muscle tone. Dr. Sánchez worked with him and we are seeing such improvement in a very short time. Her office staff is a the enviromment is surer friendly, and very warm to families. Highly recommend ! Mom

      When my Doctor first told me my son had torticollis, I was really worried after searching for a physical therapist, I came across Buddies In Motion. I am extremely happy with my son’s progress, the Doctor and the staff are very warm and welcoming they made me feel more at ease. I would recommend the office to everyone. Nathaniel Torrado

      I really like Buddies in Motion, the improvement I saw in my son within a few weeks was amazing.The staff there are really friendly and helpful, and the therapist. Miss Mary is absolutely wonderful. I feel my son is in the best place possible for his therapy (walking on his toes) Maher Siddik


      We are committed to treating you within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment time. Mon-Fri: 11:00AM to 8:00PM

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