Football Hold Stretch

Hold baby facing away from you with their head on the same side as their head tilt (Ex: left head tilt, hold baby with head on left side and feet on right side).
Place one arm on baby’s neck between their head and shoulder and one hand between baby’s legs and stomach.

Tummy Time

Allow baby to spend time playing on their tummy either on the floor or on your tummy!

Flying Baby

Hold baby in a superman position on their tummy while supporting their legs, stomach, and chest

Gentle Neck Stretching

While your baby is lying on their back, provide a gentle stretch to the neck moving in the opposite direction of their head tilt (Ex: left head tilt, gently stretch the left side of the head toward the right side).

Shoulder Carry

Hold baby over your shoulder while supporting their head and alternating sides.

Sleep Time

Put baby to sleep on their back with a rolled up blanket or small pillow placed slightly under them to encourage turning to the opposite side of their preferred side.

Playing Time

When playing with baby, talk to baby and place toys on both sides to decrease preference of turning head to one side.

Eating Time

When feeding baby, turn the bottle (or position breast) in a way to encourage baby to turn away from their preferred side.

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