Deep Pressure

Foot Massage

Apply firm pressure to bottom of baby’s foot to stimulate blood flow and muscle development.

Full Contact Massage

Using your whole hand, wrap around baby’s leg as you provide a firm grip along their full leg starting at the foot and moving toward their thighs.

Joint Compression

Hold one hand above and one hand below the ankle joints. Apply a gentle but firm pressure pushing both your hands towards each other as if you were brining the joint closer together.
Repeat at the knee joint.
For the hip, put one hand on each side of their hips and gently push inward toward the center of their body.

Leg Bicycling

While baby is lying down, alternate brining one leg up toward their chest while other leg goes straight out.

Knees to Chest

Bring both baby’s knees to chest and then straighten them down.
*Can also move knees from side to side once bent toward chest!

Arm Bicycling

While baby is lying down, alternate brining one arm up overhead while the other arm goes straight down.

Big Hug

While baby is lying down, open both arms out to the side, then bring them in and cross their arms over their chest as if they’re giving themselves a hug.

Floor Play Time

Let your baby play freely and explore while on the floor!

Therapy Ball Fun

Gently rock baby from front to back and side to side while safely holding them on top of the ball.


Great way to engage the joint and muscle systems.

Navigating Obstacles

Crawling through tunnels is a fun way to engage in muscle strengthening and motor planning!

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