Total Motion Release (TMR) is an innovative, patient-centered approach to healing and relieving pain in Physical Therapy treatment. It can help in treating a variety of musculoskeletal dysfunctions including: weakness, pain, loss of motion in joints, and stiffness from the neck to the feet. The Total Motion Release Technique provides almost instant results and relief to your aches and pains. This technique is very efficient and can have an immediate effect on pain complaints.

When you have pain in your right shoulder it makes sense to treat your right shoulder, correct? Utilizing the TMR technique this statement incorrect. Instead of treating motions that cause pain in the aching right shoulder, TMR uses a little known secret of treating pain-free motions in the left shoulder. This causes a re-aligning of both shoulders and alleviates your pain.

Our use of the TMR Technique takes a nontraditional but effective approach to Physical Therapy. TMR works by releasing restrictions in the body that contribute to degenerative changes like arthritis, tendonitis, degenerative discs, muscle strains, and ligamentous sprains. It allows the body to naturally re-align and heal, which proves to be more effective.

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