TMR Tots is a modified version of Total Motion Release with a focus on the achievement of functional outcomes. While the greatest excitement among parents and therapists has been in finding a tearless method to effectively treat children with torticollis, the concept is equally applicable to both children and adults with any mobility issue.

TMR is Total Motion Release for Tots. A modified positional release concept that uses a evaluation and feedback system to assess and treat postural asymmetry in order to achieve objective improvements in functional outcomes. i.e. Issues with alignment limit access to a full palette of muscle function – a child with DS may never get full control of deep back extensors if pulled into flexion from anterior fascial tension which a result of was adaptive shortening from early posture You can see videos etc

Tots was developed initially to treat kids with CP and hypotonia, but has gotten the most attention as a no tears way to treat torticollis and gait asymmetry.

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